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LDAP 服务器,ApacheDS 2.0.0-M6 发布

ApacheDS 发布了 2.0 的第六个里程碑,目前稳定版的发布还没有时间计划,在此之前可能还有更多的里程碑版本。

ApacheDS (Apache Directory Server)的核心是目录服务,可以保存数据,并对不同类型的数据进行搜索操作。协议的实现在目录服务器顶层工作,提供与数据存储、搜索和检索有关的 Internet 服务。 ApacheDS 最重要的特性可能是利用不同协议公开目录服务的能力...


  • [DIRSERVER-1644] - User provided value is not retained during rename operation
  • [DIRSERVER-1681] - adding entries with attribute userCertificate;binary fails with "No such attribute"
  • [DIRSERVER-1692] - Unable to add a JPEG image to an entry due to an 'Invalid Attribute Syntax' error
  • [DIRSERVER-1693] - Renaming an entry when the RDN uses a case insensitive at should be possible
  • [DIRSERVER-1694] - Renaming an existing entry with a DN containing upper cased chars will not store the CN as provided
  • [DIRSERVER-1696] - Creation of an entry like cn=test1+cn=test2, ou=system should not be allowed
  • [DIRSERVER-1699] - DN/RDN handling is incorrect when there are some escaped values into them
  • [DIRSERVER-1700] - Version in Root DSE is reported as '${pom.version}'