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Linux 有了应对专利侵袭更大的庇护所

开源社区可以在面对专利侵袭事件时显得相对从容些了,InfoWorld 的Simon Phipps 写道。“Open Invention Network,一个Linux 贡献者的联合体,形成了一个应对专利侵袭的自卫组织,将Linux 的定义延伸从而覆盖了包括许多开发者的最爱在内的700多个新的软件包。仅仅有一件敌情:这一新的定义同样包括了值得所有开发者注意的割让条款——菲利普和索尼保留了对虚拟化、搜索、用户界面等等的诉讼权。”


The open source community should feel a little safer from software patent attacks, writes InfoWorld's Simon Phipps. "The Open Invention Network, a consortium of Linux contributors formed as a self-defense against software patents, has extended the definition of Linux so that a whopping 700 new software packages are covered, including many developer favorites. Just one hitch: The new definition also includes carve-outs that put all Linux developers on notice that Phillips and Sony reserve the right to sue over virtualization, search, user interfaces, and more."