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Linux 下的3D视频播放器,Bino 1.3.2 发布

Bino 是一个Linux下的视频播放器,支持 3D 视频,支持大量的视频格式,支持多显示器。

  • FFmpeg to decode video and audio files. FFmpeg version 0.7 or later is required.
  • LibASS to render subtitles.
  • OpenAL (on GNU/Linux: OpenAL Soft) for audio output.
  • OpenGL (with Glew) for video output. Hardware accelerated OpenGL 2.1 with framebuffer objects is required.
    Note that proprietary drivers are not required! Recent Linux kernel + Mesa + versions should work fine.
  • Qt for the user interface and video window.
  • Optionally Equalizer for multi-display support.

Bino 1.3.2 发布了,该版本修复了很多 bug 以及一些系统兼容性的问题,以及改进对图形卡驱动程序的支持,支持单帧步进的功能。

Linux 下的3D视频播放,Bino 1.3.2 发布