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Rob Schmitz,揭穿了Daisey 的谎言的Marketplace 中国区通讯记者,声明:“使事情稍微变得有点复杂的是,Daisey 的谎言所让人想像到的,正是在中国发生的:制造苹果产品的工人们被己烷所毒。苹果自己的审计都有表示,该公司少数的供应商甚至雇用童工。这种事情很少见,但加在一起,它们形成了一种显而易见的关于苹果的故事。”这是我在苹果的世界中所看到的:真正发生了的事故一次次地被掩盖,人心为一些我从未听说过的无名小丑的谎言所抚平。西方国家在剥削东方民族,留给他们的只是所获利润的冰山一角!这是事实,不管有没有小丑对它扯谎。

参考文献:This American Life 专栏:“Mr. Daisey 和苹果工厂”


Rob Schmitz, the Marketplace reporter who uncovered Daisey's lies, stated: "What makes this a little complicated is that the things Daisey lied about seeing are things that have actually happened in China: Workers making Apple products have been poisoned by Hexane. Apple's own audits show that the company has caught underage workers at a handful of its suppliers. These things are rare, but together, they form an easy-to-understand narrative about Apple." It's what I'm already seeing in the Apple-verse (and beyond): the actual issues that have truly and honestly happened are being shuffled under the carpet because some no-name dude I'd never heard of lied, as yet another way to soothe people's conscience. The west is exploiting workers in the east for a few percentages of profit margins. This is a reality, whether some dude lied about it or not.