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Linux 下的 BT 下载工具,KTorrent 4.2.0 发布

KTorrent 是 KDE 下的一款 BT 下载工具,具有速度快而内存占用小的优点,设置也比较简单实用,感觉和 Win 下的 uTorrent 不相上下。


KTorrent 4.2.0 发布,改进记录:

  • This release brings the ability of checking individual files of a torrent, improved video streaming, support for the partial seeding extension, and a search bar in the main torrent list.
  • Multiple torrent tabs have been removed in favor of a single one to simplify the interface.
  • The queue manager has the ability to hide uploads, downloads, and not queued torrents.
  • DHT performance has been improved.
  • Moving data files jobs are now queued