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数据虚拟化系统,Teiid 8.0 Final,为 JBoss AS 7.x 带来数据虚拟化

Teiid 团队今天很高兴的宣布 Teiid 8.0 Final 发布了,该版本基于 JBoss as 7.1.1 .

该版本主要是升级基础平台 JBoss AS 从 5.1.0 到 7.1.1,因为 JBoss 7.1.1 带来:

  • 更快速的启动、发布和配置
  • 模块化设计,强大的类加载器
  • 超轻量级
  • 简单、集中式配置
  • 更好的标准兼容
  • 简化集群
  • 支持 Infinispan
  • 测试简单

而 Teiid 8 带来的特性有:

  • DDL Based View Definitions - Define virtual tables, procedures and functions for Dynamic VDBs using DDL.
  • MetadataRepository - Pluggable metadata facility for any VDB and models inside it.
  • CallableStatement Named Parameters - you can now use CallableStatement named parameter get/set methods.
  • New Translator capabilities
    • translators may indicate which convert functions they support
    • restrict non-join comparisons to only literals.
    • return ReusableExecution instances for processing nodes that issue multiple queries.
    • translators may indicate support for dependent join handling
  • Continuous Asynch Queries to process plans in a streamed window fashion the TeiidStatement/TeiidPreparedStatement methods now take a RequestOptions object to specify continuous mode. See the Client and Developers Guides for more.
  • Texttable selectors - can be used to selectively parse only record lines matching a given selector string. Selectors may also be used for column values to join data from other records positionally.
  • Enhanced Comparison Support - see the Admin Guide more.
    • Comparable LOBs - the system property org.teiid.comparableLobs can be set to use CLOB and BLOB values in comparison/sorting/grouping operations.
    • Padded Comparison - the system property org.teiid.padSpace can be set to effectively right pad strings to the same length for comparison.
    • Collation Support - the system property org.teiid.collationLocale can be set to use a different collation than the JAVA UTF-16 default.
  • VARBINARY type support - the Teiid VARBINARY type can now be used to support source BINARY and VARBINARY types.
  • Greenplum Translator - for use with the Greenplum database.
  • Enhanced parse/format pushdown - added more built-in support and extension points for parse/format function pushdown. Added parse/format timestamp handling for SQLServer, Sybase, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.
  • User Defined Aggregates - user defined aggregate functions can be defined via extension metadata, DDL, or connector metadata.
  • SET PAYLOAD statement - SET PAYLOAD can be used to set a name value pair on a session scoped payload that will be sent with requests.
  • ENCRYPT REQUESTS - encryptRequests may be used as a connection/datasource property when not using SSL to indicate that request messages and any associated payload should be encrypted.

不过 Teiid 8.0 尚存不足的就是基于 Web 的管理控制台,我们将在 8.1 版本为你奉献上。此外,兼容 Teiid 8.0 的 Teiid Designer 也正在开发中。