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监控系统,Nagios 3.4.0 发布了



2012-05-07发布3.4.0 上一个版本是2011-07-25的3.3.1


  • Use execv() to execute active check commands (#86 - Ton Voon, dnsmichi)
  • Added service_check_timeout_state configuration variable (Bill McGonigle)
  • Permanently remove sleep on run_event == FALSE in main loop (Max <>)
  • Reduce notification load by moving notification viability check into notification list creation (Opsview Team)
  • Added code to apply allow_empty_hostgroup_assignment flag to host and service dependencies (Daniel Wittenberg)
  • users can now see hostgroups and servicegroups that contain at least one host or service they are authorized for, instead of having to be authorized for them all (Ethan Galstad)
  • RSS feed boxes fallback if an error occurs (Ethan Galstad)
  • RSS feeds no longer block main page load (Mike Guthrie)


  • Fix $NOTIFICATIONRECIPIENTS$ macro to contain all contacts assigned to host|service, not only notified contacts (Bug #98 Matt Harrington)
  • Scheduled Downtime Notifications Resent On Nagios Restart/reload (Bug #124 - ricardo)
  • NOTIFICATIONTYPE MACRO never became CUSTOM (Bug #168 - Alexey Dvoryanchikov)
  • Plugged minor memory leaks in notification logic