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Linux 下的文本编辑器,Emacs 24.1 发布

GNU emacs 24.1 发布了,下载地址:

Emacs是一种强大的文本编辑器,在程序员和其他以技术工作为主的计算机用户中广受欢迎。EMACS,即Editor MACroS(宏编辑器)的缩写,最初由Richard Stallman于1975年在MIT协同Guy Steele共同完成。


- New packaging system and interface (M-x list-packages) for downloading and installing extensions.  A default package archive is hosted by GNU and maintained by the Emacs developers.
- Support for displaying and editing bidirectional text, including right-to-left scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew.
- Support for lexical scoping in Emacs Lisp.
- Improvements to the Custom Themes system (M-x customize-themes).
- Unified and improved completion system in many modes and packages.
- Support for GnuTLS (for built-in TLS/SSL encryption), GTK+ 3, ImageMagick, SELinux, and Libxml2.