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Linux 的网卡诊断工具,ethtool 3.4.1 发布

ethtool 3.4.1 发布,该版本增加了很多的命令行参数,包括:

1. "--version" option,
2. reporting of driver features ("-i"),
3. reporting of supported pause frame modes and of 20G link modes,
4. firmware dumps ("-w" and "-W"),
5. external loopback tests ("-t"),
6. reporting and configuring the number of channels/queues ("-l" and "-L") and time stamping capabilities ("-T"),
7. reporting of pause frame autonegotiation results ("-a"),
8. support for querying and setting all generic net device features ("-k" and "-K") and private flags,
9. dumping of plugin module EEPROM ("-m")


ethtool 是一个 Linux 下的网络驱动程序的诊断和调整工具,可获取网络设备的相关信息,包括连接状态、驱动版本、PCI 总线定位等等。



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