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红帽企业 Linux 发布 RHEL 6.4 Beta 版本

Red Hat Enterprise 红帽 宣布 企业 Linux 的新版本 —— RHEL 6.4 Beta,该版本包含诸多方面的改进,包括:身份管理、文件系统、虚拟化、管理和存储等。

可通过如下地址来获取 Beta 版本: 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team

Today, we are pleased to announce that the next beta release for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 – Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 – is now available. The beta release includes a broad set of updates to the existing feature set and provides rich new functionality in the areas of identity management, file system, virtualization, and storage as well as productivity tools.

Through collaboration with partners, customers and the open source community, we are committed to delivering technology that is tested and stable – including in the beta phase of development. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 demonstrates this commitment and has been designed for optimized performance, stability and flexibility to cater to today’s diverse workloads running in physical, virtual and cloud environments.