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Fedora 18带来多项新特性

Fedora 18(Spherical Cow)还有8天就要发布了,让我一起来看看Fedora18有哪些新特性吧。官方的wiki说明如下:

  1. 终端可以使用256色,替换旧的8色。这也是视觉上的一个提升。
  2. 桌面环境使用GNOME 3.6,同时对倾向使用gnome 2.*的用户,提供Gnome MATE 桌面。其次针对学校及学生提供集成的学习环境。
  3. 云备份你的私人数据。
  4. Firewalld成为默认的防炎墙软件,替代iptables.这样可以不用在改变规则后重启防火墙。
  5. 自动加载打印机与mDNS设备。
  6. 下一代yum将使用DNF管理,在解析软件依赖问题上有显著提升。
  7. Samba 4增加新参数及可入活动目录域。同时可以侦测服务器的硬件信息,为管理提供重要的信息。同时提供一个集成的管理环境(例如: cream hazelnut,存储管理CLI)。
  8. 更新开发者环境(D environment)。

Fedora 18新特性 - sujoe_2006 - 程序·思维·网摘


What's New in Fedora 18 Alpha

We can't go round all of Spherical Cow's new features as it is too big, but here is an overview of what you're going to find.

To begin small, terminals can now use 256 colors instead of the old 8 colors. It is an improvement for your eyes. Desktops have their share of new, new upstream version of Gnome version: 3.6. For those you prefer old, venerable Gnome at version 2, your call has been heard with integration of MATE desktop. Students and schools have now their own desktop, too, with integration of Sugar learning environment.

For the cloud of milk in your coffee, Fedora packaged Owncloud which brings an alternative to proprietary solutions to backup and sync your personal data.

firewalld is now the default firewall software, replacing iptables. There's no more need to restart your firewall to make rules changes. Fedora will now discover printers and other mDNS devices. Also, a preview of next generation Yum packet manager with DNF providing new API definition and performance improvements solving dependencies using libsolv via hawkey for backend.

Sysadmins will find some tasted features with the final release of Samba 4 and possibility to join an Active Directory domain out of the box. Know even more about your servers with management agents that let you access vital and useful information about your hardware's health. Fedora brings you an integrated and unified way to access to that data and manage yours servers with unique native management software instead of the different proprietary software. And as cream hazelnut, Storage System Management CLI tools simplify the user interface by providing unified abstraction and interface for multiple storage technologies, like lvm, btrfs and md raid while implementing set of commands with the same syntax regardless of the technology used.

And developers aren't forgotten with an updated D environment, latest Fedora Haskell packages as well as the latest stack of perl and Python.