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跨平台三维动画制作,Blender 2.66发布

Blender 2.66 已经发布,带来了期待已久的新特性,多达250项BUG修复,具体如下:

  • rigid body simulations are now available outside of the game engine, too, due to the Bullet physics library’s integration into the editor and animation system
  • new dynamic topology sculpting (new sculpting mode subdividing the mesh accordingly, allowing the user to sculpt complex shapes out of a simple mesh)
  • improved bevel tool with support for bevelling individual vertices
  • initial support for hair rendering with triangle strips, cylinder and bezer curve primitives
  • optimized image pipeline capable of properly and more-accurately handling transparency
  • new SPH particle fluid solver
  • ability to apply animations from an external file onto a mesh via the new Mesh Cache modifier
  • improved Collada’s import and export with more stable armature modifier and support for shape keys
  • more than 250 bugs fixed

如何安装Blender 2.66

添加如下PPA (Oneiric, Precise, Quantal):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:irie/blender
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install blender



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