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Linux防火墙,iptables 发布

Linux下的防火墙软件iptables发布1.4.19.1 2013-05-29 上一个版本是2013-03-03的1.4.18.

iptables 是与 Linux 内核集成的 ip 信息包过滤系统。如果 Linux 系统连接到因特网或 LAN、服务器或连接 LAN 和因特网的代理服务器, 则该系统有利于在 Linux 系统上更好地控制 IP 信息包过滤和防火墙配置。


Florian Westphal (3):
      libxt_NFQUEUE: fix bypass option documentation
      extensions: add connlabel match
      extensions: add connlabel match

Mart Frauenlob (3):
      ip[6]tables: show --protocol instead of --proto in usage
      libxt_recent: Fix missing space in manpage for --mask option
      extensions: libxt_multiport: Update manpage to list valid protocols

Nicolas Dichtel (1):
      utils: nfnl_osf: use the right nfnetlink lib

Pablo Neira Ayuso (11):
      libip6t_NETMAP: Use xtables_ip6mask_to_cidr and get rid of libip6tc dependency
      Revert "build: resolve link failure for ip6t_NETMAP"
      libxt_osf: fix missing --ttl and --log in save output
      libxt_osf: fix bad location for location in --genre
      libip6t_SNPT: add manpage
      libip6t_DNPT: add manpage
      Merge branch 'stable'
      utils: updates .gitignore to include nfbpf_compile
      extensions: libxt_bpf: clarify --bytecode argument
      libxtables: fix parsing of dotted network mask format
      build: bump version to 1.4.19

Patrick McHardy (1):
      libxt_conntrack: fix state match alias state parsing

Willem de Bruijn (2):
      extensions: add libxt_bpf extension
      utils: nfbpf_compile
Florian Westphal (1):
      Revert "extensions: add connlabel match" duplicate

Michael Roth (1):
      doc: mention SNAT in INPUT chain since kernel 2.6.36

Pablo Neira Ayuso (2):
      build: bump version to 1.4.19
      iptables release