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OpenELEC 3.0.0 發布,基於Linux創建的嵌入式操作系統

OpenELEC是基於Linux創建的嵌入式操作系統,其專用目的在於運行XBMC,而這是開放源碼的娛樂媒體中心。OpenELEC的理念是讓人們在 使用他們的家庭影院個人電腦(HTPC)時,就像使用任何其它連接到電視機的設備一樣,比如DVD播放器或者Sky box。OpenELEC並不需要人們去維護一套完整的操作系統、進行系統設置並安裝軟件包以成為一套綜合多媒體中心;它被設計為易於安裝、管理和使用, 從而使用它更像運行一臺機頂盒而不是一部功能完善的計算機。
OpenELEC 3.0.0
Stephan Raue has announced the release of OpenELEC 3.0.0, a specialist Linux distribution built around XBMC, the open-source entertainment media hub: " The OpenELEC team is proud to release OpenELEC 3.0.0. OpenELEC 3.0 is built to support XBMC Frodo 12.1 and almost every part of the core operating system has been updated and improved since the 2.0 release. The project now supports a broader range of media centre hardware than ever before, including dedicated OS images for the budget-friendly Arctic MC001 and ultra-low-cost Raspberry Pi systems. Raspberry Pi deserves a special mention as it has been a labour of love for the OpenELEC team. OpenELEC was the very first XBMC distro to be demonstrated on development Pi hardware back in February 2012 while other distros were still talking about future plans and hoping for news on shipping dates." Continue to the full release announcement to learn more. Please see the project's download page for a full list of options; here is a quick link to the "generic" build: OpenELEC-Generic.i386-3.0.0.tar.bz2 (163MB).